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 My name is Dylan and I am a Colorado born and based artist focusing on detailed, colorful drawings and black ink drawings on wood.


My art is vibrant, colorful, and often nature or music inspired. I like to create mandalas, mountains, and city skylines but I'll dabble in just about anything.

I see my art as a meditation and a challenge in problem solving. I aim to make my art experiential - to drag your eyes around the piece and to rarely let you settle in on a single focal point. My style has formed over years of adventure into nature, trips across the world, and listening to music. I'm constantly absorbing art from some of my favorite contemporary artists which influences my work as well.


I believe that art should be something that creates community and supports others. For that reason, any art that I sell will come with a social or environmental impact. I give a percentage of each sale to non-partisan, efficient, and super impactful charities. 


Join my mailing list if you're interested in new art I create, items for purchase, and in discovering some of the amazing artists that inspire me. I promise not to spam and you can opt out if it isn't your vibe.

Artist, Dylan Mark, holding Boulder Flatirons canvas print
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